The patented etaLINK 3000 system was developed for inductive charging of industrial vehicles within the area of mobile robotics. With our design, the chargers take into account the intelligence and autonomy of the new generation of robotics systems. They can be easily and independently installed and provide the vehicle with all relevant data. The absence of mechanical charging contacts makes it easy to integrate charging the battery into existing processes and thus an intermediate charge of the batteries is possible. This saves time and eliminates the potential dangers posed by open contacts. The etaLINK charging systems are maintenance-free and enable uninterrupted operation over many years.


etaLINK 3000

The contactless charging solution for AGV’s, robots and forklifts in industrial environments. Simply stopping your vehicle at the charging position will start your charging process. Thanks to the contact free design, the system is fully enclosed with an IP protection class of IP65 and may be installed where ever your process requires. There are no trip hazards and charging will start within less than a second. For optimized charging of Lithium batteries a CAN- interface to communicate with your vehicle components is part of the system.

Performance Data:

  • Charging voltage: 15-60V
  • Charging current: 60A (Continuous)
  • Efficiency: > 90%

Autonomous operation:

  • CAN-Interface
  • Full power initialization in 1 sec


a game changer in powering your electric vehicles

During the past decade lithium batteries have evolved from a niche technology to a state-of-the-art storage technology for electric vehicles. Especially for the material handling segment the advantages compared to traditional lead-acid batteries are obvious.

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    Longer lifetime

    Up to 20 times more than lead-acid batteries.

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    Higher charging power possible

    Full charge in under a half an hour.

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    No need for separate charging compartments

    No explosive gases, maintenance-free.

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    Suitable for opportunity charging

    Charging can be integrated into your process.


Dependent on the requirements of your application Blue Inductive provides three different battery types:

Allround (LiFePo)

Optimal solution for most 24/7 AGV applications.

Advantages at a glance:

  • High cycle count (5000+ full cycles)

  • Suitable for most application profiles

  • Based on fORTELION-Cells with highest safety

Power (LTO)

The right choice for heavy duty applications with charging currents over 200A and more than 10 full cycles per day

Advantages at a glance:

  • Highest cycle count (10.000+ full cycles)

  • Charging at up to -20°C possible


Based on high quality cells the Eco systems offer all benefits of lithium batteries at an affordable price.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Low initial cost

  • Medium (1000+ full cycles)

  • High energy density